News: 6th June 2008

Dear all, hope this finds you well and blooming marvellously. Weather not too hot yet, which is possibly a good thing for mums-to-be. Have a fair bit of news, with lots of new babies to welcome, plus some info on homeopathy at Yogahome and acupuncture at Sunstone. If you’re currrently thinking about your birthplan, you might be interested in a couple of articles related to women’s expectations and experience of pain relief in labour. And finally there are even some freebies on offer…..

New Babies: congratulations go to Laura, Jamie, Sophie, Hilary and Catherine. Photos of the babies, along with labour and birth stories, are attached in the photo section. And of course congratulations to all of you who have had your babies recently whether we’ve heard from you yet or not. When you get some time, do let us know.

Post-natal Homeopathy at Yogahome: Janine Rainforth will be offering homeopathy for mothers and babies at yogahome and has offered a free question and answer session on Monday 16th June, at 12.30pm, so it will follow straight on from the usual post-natal class tea & chat. As it will mean staying on a bit longer than usual, this will hopefully give plenty of notice to those who are interested so you can make any necessary arrangements to stay later. See attached leaflet for more info (homeopathy-mother-baby-handout-may-2008-pic21).

Ante-natal Homeopathy at Yogahome: As homeopathy is also very beneficial during pregnancy, mums-to-be are more than welcome to come along to the Q&A session on Monday 16th (see above for details). As many of you are still working and may be unable to make this session, Janine has offered to do an additional Q&A on Sunday 22nd at 12.00pm, following on from our post-class chat. If you’re interested, please let me know and will organise with Janine.

Acupuncture at Sunstone: Diane Timewell is now offering ‘acupuncture during pregnancy’ at Sunstone on Northwold Rd, Stoke Newington. This is available to non-members and if interested you can contact Diane directly on 07939 533 239, via her website, or by email Acupuncture is believed to help relieve many pregnancy-related conditions (such as nausea, back pain, pubis symphysis, haemorrhoids, heartburn, carpa tunnel syndrome, rib pain), and can help promote a healthy and efficient birth. In addition to this, Diane is offering ‘ear acupuncture’ as a drop in on Fridays between 2-4pm at Sunstone, £10 per session, and again, non-members are welcome. Ear acupuncture can help promote relaxation, combat stress and anxiety, reduce pain and generally enhance well-being.

Articles on Pain Relief in Labour: Sarah Cooney has sent in links to a couple of articles on this topic. The first is entitled “More in hope than expectation: a systematic review of women’s expectations and experience of pain relief in labour”, and can be found (free to access!) at: Published at the same time (and as Sarah points out, shorter and perhaps a bit more digestible) is a commentary related to the above article entitled “Birth then and now”, Thanks to Sarah for sending these links.

Freebies: Laura Clunie sent out an email 3 weeks back with some freebies on offer, which were all given to her new and unused. I’m not sure what’s still left, but if interested in anything please contact her directly via

– if there is anyone who is going to go completely natural and use cloth nappies I have two “kissaluv” brand new uncoloured nappies in size 0.
– I also have an unopened roll of “kushies” biodegradable & flushable nappy liners
– and finally I have a 3 pack of “Dr. Browns natural flow” standard size 4 oz/120 ml level one nipple, feeding bottles. I don’t believe that these are the new polypropylene bottles, but apparently you can exchange them for free. See:

Lost Bracelet: a silver ‘link’ bracelet was found after class on Sunday 25th May. If it belongs to you, please contact yogahome directly.

Emailing to the Group: thought I ought to mention that as the address group is growing I can no longer send to one group and have had to create several address groups. I’ve done this alphabetically for ease and it just means that if you send anything out yourself directly to the other emails in your group, you’ll only be hitting a small number and it won’t get to all the others.

And Good Luck: as always, am sure the whole class would like to join me in wishing all the best to those who are due this month Natalie (due this weekend on Sunday 8th), Andrea (due Sunday 22nd), and Neela (due Friday 27th) – may your labours be smooth and uncomplicated, remember to let us know how it goes and don’t forget the pics of your new babies!! I hope I haven’t missed anyone – if I have, apologies, good luck, and please let me know so I can amend.

That’s it from me for now.

Om shanti

Kirsty xx


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